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For women in Kazakhstan, becoming a tokal is the end of hoping for true love.

Marriage is binding, linking the tokal and husband for life.

"But it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to struggle alone." to achieve any momentum after a female parliamentarian added a section about polyandry (having mutliple husbands). In some cases, this causes many young female college students and graduates in America to service the needs of " among female NYU and Columbia students shows that the number of women willing to become sugar babies is 63% and 47%, respectively.

In some of these communities, child marriage is an out-of-date tradition that is still the norm: Child spouse, member of an ethnic minority.[3] Child marriage in Kazakhstan is illegal.earns less than 36,000 tenge (roughly 6) a month, while 1.5 million people in the country make less than 15,000 tenge.Couple these circumstances with the 2008 financial crisis, and you have the perfect recipe for young women ready to become — the Kazakh term for the younger of two wives who recieves an apartment, a car, and a monthly allowance.While some state that this is a mutually beneficial, no-strings-attached relationship, they can also be viewed as exploitative.that someone wants to pay to spend time with me," according to one.

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