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With texting being the new way to “court” someone, it can be hard to adjust. We can still remember what dating was before cell phones, and actually having to get a real phone call to get asked out on a date, or just to talk through all hours of the night.I think texting has stolen those special moments of being on the phone all night trying to get to know each other, laughing and going to work on 2 hours sleep.It depends on the situation, how you met her, how attracted she is to you, how close you are to making plans, and so on.Love Systems instructor Dan Wildcard was voted the #1 Dating Coach in the world in 2015. Phone and text game is one of the worst places to screw up.Still -- there is no reason to make phone and text game mistakes Text game, especially, is the easiest area of game to do well. I don't know whether it was because of your body language, or your tonality, or your choice of what to say, or a million other factors.There are so few variables and so much is under your control. And if I asked you to describe all of those factors to me, your description will be limited and biased by your perception and misperceptions and how you communicate with me. Neither does your age, your inherent social skills, or a million other factors.'re not already great at phone and text game there is no excuse.

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Let me explain: If you screw up your opener, big deal. You can probably even take another shot at her later on that night.

Just send him a text saying you will get back to him, or don’t do anything, and call him back later.

It is still too early to be the emergency contact person in his life.

Is it laziness that causes men to only text nowadays? There seems to be so many different tips and advice on the subject.

Or are they hiding behind the big green curtain, and not have to deal with the dreaded fear of rejection. We wanted to just touch on some of the issues that you may have do deal with, or question your own judgement if you really like the guy.

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