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Lisa and Kandi appear in the charity performance of "Pocketbook Monologues", where Kandi's emotional performance wins over the crowd – and Dwight.

Meanwhile, Ne Ne meets with the co-writer of her forthcoming memoir, and Shereé finally throws her long awaited Independence Party, where Ne Ne confronts Kim and Kandi about recording "Tardy for the Party" without her.

Kandi meets for lunch with TLC member T-Boz to discuss her musical career, and Shereé throws a gathering to celebrate her new home. Ne Ne and Dwight chat during a visit to the salon, while Lisa discusses a trip to L. Fitness guru Shereé attends a bodybuilding event, while Kandi and AJ get their engagement photos taken.

When Kim learns that her nanny left her girls home alone without supervision, drama ensues.

Fresh off her fight with Kandi and Kim, Ne Ne distances herself even further from the ladies.

Kim and Kandi team up to finish the recording of "Tardy for the Party" in time for their joint birthday party where Big Papa has a BIG surprise for Kim.

Ne Ne approaches Shereé about squashing their problems with Kim, and they set up a meeting to talk it out.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Ed have their first fertility visit.Nene gets all of the ladies in line for their Alter Ego photos and then directs them all in a riveting photo shoot.At the photo shoot, Kim and Sheree talk civilly for the first time and decide to do something nice for Kandi in light of her family tragedy. With the debut of her clothing line Closet Freak, she is all business, trying to get everything done in time.As they bond, Kim asks Kandi to produce "Tardy for the Party" for Kim and Ne Ne to record.Kim lays down the house rules with her new nanny and then finally buries the hatchet with Lisa.

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