Dating a recovering crack addict states mandating e verify

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Upon first meeting him, he presented well, seemed to be "in-tune" with himself, you would never think he had any addiction problem at all unless he told you.

I consider myself a bit of a pollyanna when it comes to this lifestyle; however, I too once thought that people are people and they all come with problems and you should not judge yada, yada, yada.

He was always the victim, his life was always in chaos, he was willing to work but always in the middle of some "misunderstanding" his past emploment history was not stable and job losses were always someone elses fault - in fact EVERYTHING was always due to some reason beyond his control.

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For some reason, I felt compelled to "rescue" this addict from the world, becuase he was so good at his "addiction" he was able to manipulate me into actually feeling sorry for him. When you meet your "clean" addict, and he or she is very well versed in discussing their "self awareness" you have to listen carefully and really observe what they are saying.They may also pick up because they want to “heighten” the sexual experience.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Certainly, there are many who try very hard every day to stick to their program and do the right thing; however, after being burned by one who allegedly was clean for 18 years at the tail end of our relationship, and allegedly went to meetings I saw little difference between his being clean and being an active user in terms of how he lived his life.Of course in the beginning he knew exactly how to put on a great show. It is over between us, I was discarded after learning that he had a homosexual relationship with another "addict" - his gender preference was not an issue his lies and betrayal and his justification for cheating on me with women as well, his "compulsion" that he explained was part of his "addiction" that he was "powerless" over which he had to dig deeper and find the "God of his understanding" to help him with it..B. Excuses and this is supported and enabled in the 12 Step programs.

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