Dating a girl with trust issues

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Related: The 4 MOST Common Lies People Tell Before Sex, Says Scary Study 4. But what I'm really advocating for is being open and vulnerable so that trust issues become dead non-issues, rather than a dead relationship! Give Trust To Get Trust If you put trust in, you'll get some back.

One of the hardest parts about trust, and resolving trust issues, is giving trust freely.

[Read: 12 real signs of true love in a happy relationship] Trust and finding faults in love When you find yourself unhappy in a relationship, it’s not always your own fault. [Read: The 80 20 rule in relationships and your love life] Trust is the foundation of a perfect relationship.

When both of you trust each other completely and understand each other, it prevents insecurities and frustrations from ever cropping up.

And likewise, it’s your responsibility to help your lover understand you and trust you when they feel threatened.

[Read: How to build trust in a relationship and make it stronger] Even in a happy relationship that’s stood the test of time for several years, trust issues could crop up out of nowhere, especially when an attractive new friend or secrecy enters the romance.

You may not even realize it's causing wicked scripts of "Cheater is as cheater does," to play out in the fabulous stage play that is your real life.We don’t get out of it, nor do we try to communicate and change it for the better. But if you think about it, the direction of your relationship is in your own hands.Every time you find yourself in the wrong path, you can steer yourself towards the right direction through better understanding, or you can let go of the wheel and find a new romance. So if one of you isn’t happy, both of you need to work together to fix the relationship.[Read: The 9 stages of love you experience in every relationship] Luckily though, it only takes a few months for your mind to realize which path you’re taking in love, the good or the bad one.And even if you’re frustrated with your current love life, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean it’s the end of the relationship.

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