Dating a crystal meth addict

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Binge and high-intensity abusers are psychologically addicted and prefer to smoke or inject methamphetamine to achieve a faster and stronger high.

Binge abusers use methamphetamine more than low-intensity abusers but less than high-intensity abusers.

A life with an addict who is not even interested or trying to get clean and someone who is obviously cheating on some level(I would say all the way) is a life you don't need or deserve.

I know your self esteem has most likely taken a beating in this whole process but let me say this to you that YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THIS AND YOU DESERVE MORE THAN THIS LIFESTYLE!

st thing it changes the person using it especially if they are a heavy long time user.

You would rather do meth and masturbate than to have sex with your spouse. If your not talking to and meeting other women as a man who is in a serious relationship why would you be on ANY dating sites!

Methamphetamine abuse has three patterns: low intensity, binge, and high intensity.

Please keep talking to us and don't just settle for what you know is not God's best for you. Im so in love with this guy but i feel as though im wasting my life. Hes told me that he uses just to get through the day. They get caught in a circle of having to use it to stay awake or their body will crash.He owns his own buisness and is on 24 hr service calls. He smokes meth before be gets started in the morning. I feel as though he doesnt even find me atrractive. Also I will be honest meth makes you extremely horny and you want sex because,well because I don't know why but you do want sex badly and it's all your mind thinks of is more meth and sex.What would his reaction be if you were on dating sites with always cleared out messages in every place? You said you though about using it just to be closer to him? The only thing that will happen is it will ruin your life because it's HIGHLY ADDICTIVE and you don't want what all comes with it. I promise it will be the worst mistake you ever made in your life.It WILL NOT make you closer to him it will just make you a junkie! If I could go back and change my first time using any drug I would cause they all ruined my life. It will also lead to your breakup with him cause you will be an out-of-your-mind junkie too and meth is synonymous with violence also and arguing.

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