Cygwin updating

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In order to get updates, and install or remove software, you need to run the installer again.Occasionally, you will also need to get an updated copy of the installer.= 4.3, some things like exception handling or shared code may not work (read more here), so install at your own risk.

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I see a very obsolete version of gcc from the Cygwin I like to use the command line a lot and Cygwin fixes that for me (I also like the unix commands). Don't you want any kind of IDE and visual debugger on windows?Fortunately, all this can be automated: The option I use is to create a small bash script which checks see if there is a newer setup file, download it if there is an update, and then run it, with a few parameters that stop it from creating a dozen shortcuts on your desktop, etc.Thanks to the functionality of wget (which you’ll have to install) this is as simple as: The script downloads a copy of the setup executable to your /usr/local/bin directory, which is the correct place for locally installed programs of this sort.I’d recommend putting this script in that directory too, then making sure it’s in your path variable so that you can run it.# Change to the appropriate directory cd /usr/local/bin # Create a script for editing.

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