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To communicate with other members you can use Mingle Mail which protects your anonymity." "To protect your anonymity"?Sounds more like they just want to make money off of you.He called me at a wrong time and he didn't sound Scottish at all, he sounded African.I looked up scams and learned these scams are organized, even from West Africa. After weeding out the scammers I smiled at a few men, but no one is interested. I just hope pictures of me aren't out there somewhere with a false profile attached. I am a Christian, but the DEVIL has infiltrated that site. If you get an email, you have to click off the site and back on to read it, you can't open it up while you are on the site.

Clicking "continue" yielded, the check mark is cleared and one is asked to confirm again (an endless loop) Started a profile...submitted my pics..suspended..- I am real and look great... I called customer service and the guy just shrugged it off and said call the bank. I knew the bank wasnt the problem but I called anyway, and its not the problem. They reformatted this site one year ago and all the pages look different.

I emailed them telling them my situation and that I had forgotten that I would be charged for an auto-renewal for an additional 6 months when my time was up.

I have a lot of memberships - some auto-renew and some don't, so it's tough to keep track of.

At least 11 of the men that contacted me were scammers. And after texting a guy for 2 months turns out to be he confessed he was 23 years old from Nigeria and that they were a group of them doing these to get money out of women I did not give him a cent.

I have made several complaints but they never find the person in their profiles.

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