Cuban dating culture

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I could not find a date on it but it was done some time after 2000.

I found it on the Internet and thought it was interesting so I have pasted in some of the more interesting points below.

Three secondary sources in the metallurgic, chemical and construction industries were also associated with air pollution, all of them located in the environs of Havana Bay.The bay is the most important trade hub of the island as well as the preferred dumping site for the growing population that has settled in the capital city at the water’s edge.Domestic garbage, sewage, industrial waste and the refuse of the growing commercial ship traffic are routinely disposed of directly into the waters of the bay or in nearby sites and tributaries. D., a sociologist from College Station, Texas goes into great detail about air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, soil degradation, urban infrastructure and hazards and disasters in Cuba.Until very recently these documents were kept secret.

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