Crossdressed boys dating boys

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If you’ve recently realised that a man or boy in your life is crossdressing you probably have many questions.Many people are concerned, worried, even in a state of shock at the news that a loved one is crossdressing.Instead a better approach is to talk through the feelings behind the behaviour, to understand it before you move on to talking about any actions that either of you should take.It can also be helpful to learn about what has worked for other families and couples, I can share experiences and what has worked well for other couples.You might feel that everything is different, but it is important for both of you that you try to resist those feelings for now.He needs your understanding and support and in turn, you need the same, I would like to be there for you.It is important therefore to not leap to any conclusions but to explore this as openly as you can, I can help you understand what is happening.

Those in shock can feel that because they were kept in the dark about it, there may be other things they have been ‘lied’ to about, or not told.

Try to remember this is still the same person that you love, albeit, with some issues which may feel scary for you right now. In fact most crossdressing men are heterosexual and have no interest in having sex with men.

Often it’s not a sexual issue, but rather more to do with identity and gender.

As I’ve said, understanding crossdressing can really help to reassure you.

Most of the time this is about personal identity and doesn’t actually change the way your partner feels about you.

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