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This piece here outlines the characteristics of an Aries male.Dating, as it is, can be an extremely confusing game!Lastly, is the "Ascendant", the sign that was on the horizon at birth, representing superficial personality, for which the whole birth chart is oriented from.

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Also, though the course of the sun passes through 13 and not 12 constellations, Ophiuchus/Serpentarius, the Serpent Holder, which the sun passes through between Scorpio and Sagittarius, has been traditionally omitted from the sun signs. " is among the most notorious (and least effective) pick-up lines."Sign" in this case means "star sign," a way of guessing a person's personality by their date of birth.If you want to know the compatibility of Aries with other signs of the zodiac, then read on to know the basic characteristics of people with this sign, as well as their relationships with the other signs.Fiery and impulsive, calm and careful; these are only some of the Aries and Libra traits respectively.

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