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It located South Africa within the world capitalist system as a semi-peripheral centre of production.But it also involved an internal colonial dimension which has seen a century and more of South African capitalist development and simultaneous under-development of the majority.Today, as never before, the collective achievements of human civilisation are threatened with potential extinction.Of course, the past thousands of years of human history have themselves not been idyllic.But the powerful global capitalist forces that dominate this reality are incapable of recognising the crisis, still less are they able to take the decisive measures that are required to provide sustainable resolutions.The struggle for a different world, for sustainable societies based not on profit but on social need, is about natural resources, it is about bio-diversity, the plants and animals with which we share our planet.The history of human societies has been one of collective endeavour, but also of many variants of brutal patriarchal, colonial, racial, class and other oppressions.

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Chapter 3: Colonialism of a Special Type Chapter 4: The National Democratic Revolution - The South African Road to Socialism Chapter 5: The SACP and State Power Chapter 6: The SACP and the South African Economy Chapter 7: The SACP and the Workplace Chapter 8: The SACP and our Communities Chapter 9: The Battle of Ideas Chapter 10: Socialism and the struggle for environmental justice Chapter 11: Strengthening the organisational capacity of the SACP as a vanguard party of socialism Chapter 1: Introduction The "South African Road to Socialism" (SARS 2012) was adopted at the SACP`s 13th National Congress in July 2012.This dangerous collapse of fish stocks is further compounded by chemical pollution of the sea, mostly from commercial agricultural fertilizer run-offs, and by real estate developers clogging up estuary spawning grounds with golf estates and tourist resorts. For a century, a non-renewable natural resource -oil - has fuelled headlong capitalist expansion.Some time in our present decade, oil production will have peaked and demand will outstrip supply.The major oil corporations and their political backers are already scrambling to grab control of remaining reserves with greater ruthlessness than ever.Oil is being pumped out of ever more expensive and challenging deep-sea reserves with all of the attendant risks of accidents and devastating oil spills.

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