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He's cool in the same way that the skater from your neighborhood who could only play The Ramones and one Yeah Yeah Yeahs song was cool: they're not trying to prove anything. And I'm predicting that we haven't seen the best yet — JGL strikes me as a future Hot Dad. And then I realized I was daydreaming in a movie about dreaming and that I just got incepted. It's not like he just read in hand and a feminist pin on his messenger bag, like you'd meet on the quad at Sarah Lawrence. If I had to walk down a dark alley opposite one male celebrity, it would Chris Kattan, but JGL would be a close second. He would make a really great Spotify playlist to help him "process." We'd stay in touch. After a while, we would barely remember that we even dated. I'd love to spend a night with JGL: get wine-drunk, listen to yé-yé records from the '60s, pull off his bow tie, maybe let him get to second base, and then curl up beside him and fall asleep.

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A sus 17 años, inicia estudios de Relaciones Exteriores y Ciencias de la Comunicación, de los cuales se retira por estar mas dedicada al modelaje, también estudio Diseño de Espacios Comerciales.The star posted a picture of himself and Field in the limo on the way to the ceremony, where they were attempting to tie a perfect bow tie.JGL wrote on Twitter: "Photo: Sally did indeed know how to tie a bow tie! #Oscars."So there you have it — if you want to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt's girlfriend, you better learn how to tie a bow tie.In the manner of George Clooney, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has somehow snagged himself his very own accomplished, brainy civilian girlfriend — a CEO of a robotics company.Though Levitt admitted he had a girlfriend last year, the first public evidence of her emerged Monday, when the couple walked through a parking lot outside a Los Angeles grocery store.

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