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We’re always getting scenes with some of the writing changed or different things like that and we talk with them openly, continuously, so that we all are in connection with where the character should go.And yes, we want to be as truthful as we can, so the public can get that out of it and I’m glad to hear it; I’m glad that you feel that.The thing about Declan, though, is there was always a depth to him.He may have appeared to be kind of the typical high school guy and there is that part of him, but there was always a depth of who he is, a soul searching kind of a thing.We get to see more of that as the season will progress and, especially towards the end, more of the emotional kind of confusion.

So what’s in store is basically just trying to figure out who he is; trying to figure out how to help Kyle; how to protect Kyle.

Do you kind of go with what the crowd thinks or what you think?

It’s all that confusion about relationships and that’s what I like about it.

Basically, the characters now can focus on themselves a little bit.

Protect Kyle, but focus on their relationship, what their future holds together, what their future holds individually.

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