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There is stuff aimed at teens, and stuff for adults.Stuff dripping testosterone, and stuff seeped in estrogen. There is fantasy, superheroes, science-fiction, romance, steampunk, erotica, mysteries, zombies, biography, every genre you can think of, and stuff that resolutely defies genre.Recently they added another girl to the mix; her job is to be an annoyance to the reader and nothing more.Animu line drawings which have gotten better over time.Truthfully I don’t know what this author is like but I know he’s a father and lives off of this webcomic.The previous reviewer complained and called him names but I’ll give credit where its due, he likes the webcomic and puts in hours doing it.

The webcomic has way too much dialogue for its own good.The downfall of this is it focuses on the daily lives of the characters instead of more interesting things like racing (which is pretty bland).I also believe that there is an issue with the amount of transgender crap in the strips.Girl Genius, for example, puts out 1 page every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.So as I read Girl Genius, it seems like a slowly evolving serial, of the politics and romances of mad scientists in a silly steampunkish world.

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