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She just likes to have a random midday wash every now and then.

I know she's not doing anything wrong, and I have no reason to refuse her request other than I think it's weird. A: I would say that someone who randomly gets up from a social event and says, "I'm just going to be popping into your shower for a quick freshen up" likely does have some obsessional issues.

Say you know this takes you out of your familiar roles, but you think it would be good for you two to be more wild in bed.

Maybe he will rise to the challenge, or maybe your beta male will need more instruction from you about how you don't want to give him any instruction. Weird Showering Friend: I have a friend who randomly showers at my place when she comes over. But like when she's here for a couple of hours for lunch.

Need More Heat: I have a happy marriage for the most part.

I'm a take-charge kind of woman, and my husband normally is happy to let me control most situations unless they are serious issues dealing with our family. The trouble I have is, in the bedroom, I actually want the opposite.

Please get over the notion that only the well-to-do can entertain in style, or that living frugally is embarrassing.

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Listen to yourself: You would never forgive yourself if you two ended up in bed; but if you don't get there soon, you're going to be really mad that he's refusing to meet all of your needs. His parents are very well-off financially, and from the beginning have been incredibly kind and generous to me.

I cannot imagine a life without him and part of me feels that I need to let him go. A: Presumably, six years ago your husband's co-worker could have written me exactly the same letter, except her confessional would have included the fact that she and her married co-worker also had a beautiful physical union.

You haven't even dated since the breakup, so I assume the dissolution of your marriage was traumatic for you.

They love to entertain, dine out, and drink fine (and often expensive) wine.

As they only live 20 minutes away, we often go over for dinner and end up staying the night in their large, comfortable home—it feels like a getaway for us, as we are underpaid twentysomethings with small apartments and roommates.

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