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Nyligen avslutade Black Sabbath karriären och nu är det dags för Ozzy Osbourne att göra detsamma.

“This time, with the camera, he was looking at himself on the front facing screen for the whole incident, instead of looking at me, his focus was on the camera.Other cameras are only good for collecting evidence to be used afterwards and are therefore a difference tool completely.” How does the articulated camera head make a difference? Most people I come across are smaller than me, so if a camera without an articulated camera head was on me, it would probably be pointing in the wrong direction over the POI’s head! “It is good in all cases, but it especially good in sudden or unexpected incidents.You just bring the switch down with one quick motion and then you are hands free to deal with the incident. “I don’t even think about it anymore, it’s that easy.” How have you found working with Reveal? The support has been brilliant.” Overall, how have you found using Reveal’s cameras?Ramin Amiri is employed by prestigious security company City Protection Group (CPG) as head of security at an electronic store in Sweden by day, and by night is a Night club security worker at a popular weekend night club.Ramin has the authority to make an arrest, which is often necessary in his line of work as he frequently encounters challenging situations.

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