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Now it's worshipped as a god in some eastern provinces. ): It all begins with this one, the great ancestor, the very first monster to come from the saucer stones. Datonare (Tiger/Zuum): Most often considered a hunting monster, it's rarely seen in the battle arena.

But with the right training, it can be a great fighter, it's all up to you!

It faintly glowing eyes are just looking for its chance.

It loves high places and dreams of flying through the sky one day. Giga Bio (Golem/Gitan): The outstanding feature of the Giga Bio are its purple body and large fangs. Salamader (Zuum/Dragon): The fiery hot blood of the Dragon courses through its body, making it bright red. Aloha Saurian (Zuum/Plant): One day while running around, it found a pretty flower by the roadside.

Kids often start crying when they see it, but it's really only wants to play Titan (Golem/Suezo): Everybody knows how much Titans love curry. While it may not have wings, its teeth are even sharper than a real Dragon's. It was so excited by this that, before it knew it, was on top of its own head!

Mustardy (Zuum/Suezo): Its fans just love this monster's speed, strength and one-eyed charm.

Can't say exactly what's so great about it, but it's wildly popular with some breeders. ): This monster was once a decorative ornament at a shrine, but one day it came to life and ran away.

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