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Call Recording, Premium International Dial-Ins (an extended list of available dial-ins), and increased online meeting room participants (up to 25).We can not and do not put charges on your phone bill.During a web conference participants connect to each other via the internet for a more visual conference call.Our web conference platform allows you to connect with other callers using your online meeting room, simply by sharing your personal URL.The following premium dial-ins are available for use with the purchase of any paid plan, but are not included in monthly premium minutes.The cost to the account holder for use of these numbers is 15c/min/caller.

Once there you can search for the dial-in numbers you would like to use and add them to your list.

We do not provide customized local numbers for any one person’s area code, however we do offer a variety of dial-in numbers in cities across North America and around the world in our bundles or on their own as subscription-based Add-ons.

If long distance is a concern, callers can connect to your call using their web browser – eliminating any long distance fees.

While we are able to host event-sized conference calls they take a little bit of extra prep on our end to ensure your call can go off without a hitch.

If you would like to host an event-sized conference please contact us to discuss your plans with our team so we can make sure your call is a success.

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