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I use Hotmail to block them, but it's hard when they're using Yahoo to send out the e-mails.

You can't block every single Yahoo address without taking up some time. :) MRT users Check the box for "Do not replace existing comment" there are approx.

He's being accused of indicency with a child for something he didn't commit.

Here bisexuals get together, chat, dating, even hook up.

My question is it happened there in the Dallas area and we live in Eastland County, who do I call to report it??

If you know please let me know my email is [email protected]thankswell ill risk it im have been charged with 21.11 i didnt do it well my wife even told them this is bs theri no kinda evdence or nothing it all a bucn of bs will me and wife ever been aloud to be togeather agenbetter have about 60,000 dollars to give an attoreny or your going to jail, my brother just got out because the little girl said he touched her as he was giving her a bath said he touched her private parts with a bar of soap, he got 30 years because we had no money to get a lawyer and fight the case, they listen to the children the whole way.

Luckily, here we provide the comfortable space for bisexuals, and you don’t need to face...

Going both ways double the fun and you’re bisexual and swinging.

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