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I think it would be fair to attribute much of these fables, gods and history of Eden to these Sethite priests.So Andite culture was being overlaid atop the old Paleolithic stone age culture, uplifting and advancing it in preparation for the coming of civilization.The Urantia Book defines these people as a race which have been long absorbed to the various peoples of today. They were humorous, artistic, adventurous, inventive and musical. The Kopet Dagh, the location of the "3rd Eden" home of Adamson and Ratta.This is a secondary location for the leaven of the later eastern expansion of the Mesopotamian Andites.Click on image for a larger Andite culture was dominant, and the steady migration toward Europe was continuously offset by new arrivals from Mesopotamia. The civilization of Turkestan was constantly being revived and refreshed by the newcomers from Mesopotamia, especially by the later Andite calverymen.The so-called Aryan mother tongue was in the process of formation in the highlands of Turkestan; it was a blend of the Andonic dialect of that region with the language of the Adamsonites and later Andites.

And it is most appropriate that part of this story starts here in the wilds of Central Asia.The image to the left shows the four locations where the Tree of Life grew.The first is in the southern most area of what would become Mesopotamia. It was here they built the first city of Dalamatia that the Andites would later call Dilmun in their epics as a rememberance of it.The introduction will give you background information to help you understand what this web site is based on and give you a brief overview of its contents. More information on the Tree of Life is available in the The Tree of Life and the Ancients page.There is also a link to it at the bottom of this page.

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