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Using the accidentals, and with the added modification of a Gleichton (unisonoric second-octave tonic in the centre of the middle row), this system allows players to obtain a fully chromatic scale – albeit in one direction only (draw).

In semitone-apart systems, moving in from the outside the keyboard, each row is pitched a semitone higher than its neighbour.

In practice, however, the restrictions imposed by the single action and layout of the keyboard lead most players to keep to a fairly restricted range of keys (albeit a wider range than is practical on most fourth-apart systems).

The earliest semitone-apart system was C/C.) Traditionally, one-row instruments have two or four buttons on the bass side, two-row instruments have eight, and three-row instruments twelve.

Multi-row systems can be divided into two broad classes: "fourth-apart" systems and "semitone-apart" systems.

For detailed diagrams of typical note layouts on various types of diatonic button accordion, see On a one-row DBA, music in a single major key and its relative minor can be played.Accidentals are sometimes placed on two extra buttons, or a shorter third row of four or more buttons, close to the bellows.The Club system developed by Hohner is a well-established example of this approach.Three-row systems are also popular in Mexico and the United States (in Conjunto, Tejano, Zydeco and Cajun musics) and Colombia (in Vallenato and Folklor musics).Multi-row systems obviously extend the range of tonalities available.

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