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It’s also great that all of my friends are all over the gender spectrum. Without romance, it’s like being fucked in the ass without lube. I think the best thing to come out of the past decade, [in regards to] modern romance and dating, is the conversation about consent. NJ: “Dick Pic,” is a piece I’ve actually been wanting to make for a while, about online dating and unsolicited dick pictures.

Consent is sexy and absolutely necessary in all forms of relationships, and [can] also […] be withdrawn like a vampire on your doorstep. For this show, I wanted to create an image that removes the power of an erect penis as a symbol of toxic masculinity, and make the dick into something that was soft, sensitive, and romanticized.

(I like films, and more importantly I like films with lots of banging. A Swingers Weekend is right up my alley, and it will be right up yours too because I know you are all huge pervs. With perfect jobs, perfect kids, a successful business, and a seemingly perfect marriage, Lisa and Dan’s love is invincible.

When they embark on a well-planned swingers weekend, they’re in it for the thrill and nothing more.

If that's the case, I'll admit it's pretty hard to find.

The show featured a number of elements very unique to sexuality in the present day, such as dick pics and blow up dolls. The most passionate time of the year would definitely be summer. With all that exposed skin walking around everywhere, it’s hard not to be hot and bothered.

The leaves are losing their green hue, as they dry up and fall to the ground.

Leather boots and ripped jeans have taken the place of flip flops and denim short-shorts.

Calgary International Film Festival is a great example of a really fucking cool thing Calgary has that doesn’t involve a raised F-150 with testicles dangling from the hitch, or drunkenly vomiting up your corn dog outside Nashville North at the Calgary Stampede.

Instead you can take in some really awesome films from around the globe, packed with a fuckload of Canadian content.

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