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Muslims believe that the separation of Isaac and Ismail was part of a divinely ordained plan that would eventually lead to the guidance of a great segment of humanity through their message and that of their progeny who would bear the call to Abrahamic monotheism.Hagar is regarded in the Islamic tradition as a strong woman whose power of faith led her to realize that her separation from Abraham and her relocation to Arabia was part of a divine decree whose purpose she would only later understand.According to the findings of the Pew Research Center, the world population of Muslims can be broken down in the following chart. A common misconception about Muslims is that they are mostly Arab as is the common belief that Arabs are all Muslim.As indicated by the numbers above, Arabs make up no more than 20% of the world’s Muslim population with the three most populous Muslim countries being in the Asia-Pacific region of Indonesia, Pakistan, and India.In the Islamic narrative of the life of Abraham, the mothers of both Isaac and Ismail are viewed positively as pious women devout in their worship of God.Isaac and his descendants among whom are Jacob (Yaqub), Joseph (Yusuf), Jesus (‘Isa) are loved and revered by Muslims and it is not uncommon to find Muslims throughout the world named after these quranic/biblical Prophets.They are posted not as a comprehensive treatise on Islam but as helpful advice for those looking for answers and guidance.Links and Resources on Islam Throughout the following sections a variety of recommended links and resources for further information about Islam will be provided.

Below is some basic information about Islam compiled by the faculty of the Macdonald Center.

Over 60% of the Muslim population is from Asia-Pacific and about 15% are from Sub-Saharan Africa.

An estimated 87-90% are Sunnis and the remainder are Shi’as based on the same Pew Research Center polls cited above.

Pew polls also indicate that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and by 2050 Islam is projected to become the second largest religious group in the United States.

More information on Muslim population trends can be can be found here.

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