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Historical data is available to ABC members and paid subscribers.Please log in if you are one of these or sign up to one of our subscriptions.01202 411296 E-mail: [email protected] PHOTOGRAPHIC: To submit a photo for possible publication E-mail: [email protected] ECHOES: Send your pictures and memories to Michaela Horsfield, Daily Echo, Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, BH2 6HH.The idea came originally from David Weight, a member of Wessex Surf Club, whose proposals to Bournemouth council and initial research date from 1993.If you still cannot access this content please call us or use the form at the bottom of this page and we will assist you.This chart is available to ABC members and paid subscribers.This was funded by the sale of a car park on which Barratt Developments constructed the Honeycombe Chine Flats complex, and the sale of Beach Pods which formed part of the Overstrand building.Bournemouth Council Cabinet approve leisure content of Boscombe Spa Village proposals, including the surf reef, and, in principle, the potential full use of the capital receipt from the housing development for the leisure proposals.

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Bournemouth council received £306,531 in respect of two insurance claims for damage to the reef, the council's intention being to repair the reef to its original condition and reopen it in April 2014.

The intention is that the wave depth will be improved through the gentler slope thus created, resulting in the right-hand ride length extended to 65metres.

ASR will receive £55,000 on completion of this work out of the £150,000 withheld final payment.

The reef is thus sometimes referred to as "Weights Reef".

The reef covers approximately one hectare and is located 225 metres from the Beach.

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