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When you were making photos, you should have thrown out 9 out of 10 shots.

Link from within content.i) Create 2 topics in every section of your Forum.

Their friends care.a) Praise, show-off and flatter your friends publicly.

Take their profile and content from your site and share it to social networks - Facebook, G , VK, Pinterest, Instagram, Linked In, etc.

Promote on their profile, commenting on how cool the content is and how shy your friend is to not share it yet. Naturally, you would only post such links in places where it adds value to discussion and context.It is about how your presence makes the site interesting. Once you have them all posted, go back to each one, edit and add links between them.Don’t write - “I love paper planes…”; write - “I invented a paper plane that can fly for 25 seconds and I’ll show you how to make one”. They care about paper planes that can fly for 25 seconds. Link to a Poll from the Blog post, to an Album from Event, to Event from from Group. Think to the tune of - “g) Upload 10 fascinating videos. Now go through the ones that’s left and choose the best ones - 1 out of a thousand. Each photo caption should be 5-20 words that add “soul” to the moment.

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