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Jeremy Scott Brueck, director of the school’s Digital Text Initiative, found that animation and audio in e-books did seem to help young kids identify printed words.

When Brueck tested pre-K students, a third knew the words before reading the story with a grown-up on an e-reader.

“Technology is a beautiful box but it is still a box,” he says. Cuddling with a parent over a book or gathering around the teacher for storytime helps kids associate reading with nurturing.

“These reading experiences can set the stage for later reading success,” says Julia Parish-Morris, a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania who studies how young children interact with e-books.

But they would be away for a few weeks — how could she bring only a few?

That’s when she reluctantly bought a Nook, loading titles for both of them onto it.

PLUS: AUTHOR'S TIPS ON HOW TO GET KIDS TO LOVE TO READ Boosting early reading skills.

For the past four years the Center for Literacy at the University of Akron has been studying how to integrate e-readers into classrooms.

It’s unclear whether the results would have come out the same with traditional books; it might have been the shared reading experience — a known vocabulary-builder — rather than the device that helped kids learn.“We are not going to stop this train,” says psychologist Jim Taylor, Ph. Parents are conflicted, too — 68 percent prefer that their 6- to 8-year-olds read print books, Scholastic found.Since there’s not much research out there, it may be years before we understand the impact of tech devices on young readers.It is not strictly a bibliography since a bibliography can include books which influenced the writing or are useful for follow-up reading, but which were not specifically mentioned in the text. Where there is no date use the abbreviation ¡¥nd¡¦ for ¡¥no date¡¦.You will find that encyclopaedias and some books give such references. Hasan When there are more than two authors, ALL of them should be named (do not use et al. Examples1 of references to unpublished texts are: Conley, P. National Center for Export-Import Studies, Georgetown University, Washington, D. The Financial Times (20 Nov., 1981) The Strategic . London: Financial Times Although there are as yet no accepted standards for acknowledging electronic sources, try to keep a consistent style that will make the source easily traceable.

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