Black on black dating

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But all those 9.75 million black men have to be single, within a certain age range, emotionally available and meet your standards.By the time you factor in the married men, fathers, or the elderly, you have a pool of black men less than the size of New York City spread out over 50 states.While it’s true that a woman is more likely to date and marry someone who looks similar to her father, it’s also true that she’ll choose a life partner who shares the same qualities as her father.

Nor are white women trying to take anything away from black women.Cut that number in half to account for the black children, now that’s 10.75 million.Consider all the gay/transgender black men, now we’re down to about 9.75 million.A white friend of mine who was dating a black guy in school (who is now her husband) says that she was quick to experience pushback, when she would hear things such as “she’s taking our good men! There are plenty of black men who exclusively date black women and in those cases, white women don’t have any sort of edge.Just because society has identified whiteness as some sort of marker of success doesn’t mean that white women view themselves as an “upgrade” for black men.

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