Black chat line numbers while updating iphone i unplugged it

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The line number told the Basic interpreter two things: a) that you were storing the line (otherwise the interpreter would execute it immediately), and b) in what position of the program the line belonged. because when Basic was invented it was intended to be interactive, in a world where the only form of interactivity was a command-line prompt, on a teletype-style stands for a command processor prompt (this is made-up, but close enough to how it worked). You are typing on a typewriter - with a roll of paper instead of a screen - and the typewriter responds back at you by printing on the paper as well!

: Quick Basic was an enhanced version of Basic published by Microsoft that supported optionally compiling programs into executables, rather than running then in the interpreter interactively.

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Then when you need to evaluate one a few million times the then GOTO can save you a few seconds.

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Among other enhancements, it also added these two features: So, you can see that line numbers are not just "line labels made out of digits".

They are actually an alternative syntax that has been maintained for compatibility with older versions of the language. The help file is simply telling you about the "modern" syntax of GOTO (with text labels), and that - if you One very useful purpose for old fashion line numbers is for error handling.

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