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—Born Indecisive Dear BI, Congrats on your newfound-but-probably-oldfound-actually access to ladies. Spring has sprung, and bunnies are going at it like bunnies. Finding ladies to date while poly is similar in many ways to finding dates while monogamous.In my experience, the easiest way to meet other game ladies who are also open to open relationships is by meeting/hanging out with other people who are in open relationships.People assume we’ll contract and spread STDs, but just because we like both sexes doesn't mean we’re dating more often.Just like all gay men aren’t running around on Grindr every weekend and all lesbians don’t own five cats, bisexuals aren’t spending their weekends trying to beat some sort of promiscuity record.There are also Facebook groups and other social media outlets that show you where polys are canoodling. Or if you’re like most queer ladies, you might try the ol’ glance at them briefly, pray they make the first move, then when they don’t, post about it on Craigslist Missed Connections strategy.

I’m super femme, I still love men, and I don’t have a ton of experience with women. In a way, it’s healthier for me, but it’s more vulnerable and human. It’s probably a mix of nature/nurture, but it’s my truth; I connect with women on a different level than I do with men. If you’ve ever seen the Vagina Monologues, you know that “there are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris — twice as many as there are in the penis.” This makes the clitoris an amazing focus for sex, but what do you even do with it?! In my experience, getting most guys off is simple and straightforward. I worry that I’d miss traditional intercourse and masculinity. I’ve seen a funny meme floating around the internet about the struggle of being a girl who likes girls.

So, nine out of 10 women that I come in contact with are straight as can be.

I already have a hard time meeting people I’m compatible with, so if I do end up having a crush on a girl, there’s a good chance she’s straight.

And that just sucks because it either means I have to get over it or I can tell her and see what happens (which I’ve yet to have the guts to do).

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