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But some people fear the devices are part of a government effort to expand surveillance and control over the population.

They note that more than 60,000 Turkish citizens have been detained since the failure of an attempt to overthrow the government last year.

He says there may be good reasons for the concerns over the new taxis.

"Because increasingly people are under surveillance and people don't know what sort of technology or what sorts of things are deployed by the government authorities to monitor the citizens.

And it will get worse." A growing sense of concern is creeping into Turkish society because of surveillance activities.

With the campaign against government critics, any new development involving surveillance technology seems likely to be watched with suspicion.

Recently, people in Turkey have been hearing announcements advertising the arrival of Istanbul’s new taxis, called Itaxis.What is unclear is whether it records sound as well as images. One driver who spoke to VOA is happy with the device, although he says he does not know who is watching. Last year, some 4,000 people were tried for insulting the president.Under emergency powers enacted after the overthrow attempt, Turkish officials have introduced new electronic surveillance.However, the Itaxis have one object that is a subject of debate: a large digital camera. If this system had been active, I would have been saved right away or the attacker wouldn't have dared to attack.When you sit down inside a taxi, the camera is clearly visible. There is a camera system and a panic button now." Nearly every week, Turkey has trials for people suspected of being involved in the failed overthrow attempt.

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