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Next you have to remove the package with the discs from a second box with a side opening.

Last the movies are inserted into a cardboard booklet that requires you to slide a sleeve out for each disc.

After all the releases we have had, they really owe it to fans to do something for us, rather than themselves.

We all understand the business side and multiple releases are no surprise. Avatar is a particularly egregious example of this practice.

SKIP THE 2Disc THEATRICAL EDITION -- BUY THE SPECIAL EDITION OR 3D VERSION INSTEAD1. If you are a fan, of all the discs in your collection this is the one you really want the extra stuff.3.

A special edition including 20 minutes of additional footage was released just months after Theatrical Edition. 3D version also now available, though not in the extended version yet.

In relationship with a Taurus woman, a Taurus man always fulfills all her emotional and physical needs and usually proves to be a great lover.The first 3D release was just the theatrical edition, even though the extended footage was already available.It's like pulling teeth to get these studios to release everything fans want in a single package, even down the road.I originally wrote this article as a one star protest review, but there are so many versions of the movie out now and reviews to all of the versions are linked on Amazon to each release so it's better just to explain what to look for.Other worthy reviews cover both the general plot and the content differences between the standard and extended content.

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