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Has the best dropkick in the business without a doubt.AJ Freely participated in some of the hottest matches on these shores in years.Premutico is a gifted wrestler who is very technically sound and he keeps improving with every showing, a dare devil who defines the phrase " high flyer " most recently he undertook advanced training in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the Hart Brothers school, returned as Billy Cole, new outfit, new look, new name in late 99. The ladder matches that he performed in at IWA riot in the roundhouse and riot 2 boosted his rankings and reputation by 1 million percent.Many of his piers and fans alike are proud to have watched him grow and prosper.A former IWA champ who held the heavyweight title for almost a year.

Following Europe, he was yet again contacted by WCW, and wrestled Rick Martel on WCW Saturday Night and also did a dark match at a WCW Monday Nitro in front of 30,000 fans at the Georgia Dome.

On top of all that, AJ has be seen in the company of beautiful women such as Mimi Mc Phereson.

They appeared pictured together in a Woman's Day Magazine earlier this year.3) Billy Cole / Mike Premutico Began Initial training in 1995, under the wing of Gregory Von Stekker.

Currently Mercedes is a promoter and wrestler for IWA.

He was rated by many as the best local wrestler on the stick bar none.

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