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Square, the company that made it possible for thousands of small businesses to make charges by credit card, is still sending out free magstripe readers to get its customers onboarded onto its service quickly.

It isn’t like it is only tiny, no-name companies that’ve been using the headphone socket to augment app experiences.

There’s a tremendously broad array of app-empowered accessories out there that have one thing in common: connecting apps to the outside world via a headphone socket.

I understand how, from Apple’s point of view, locking down its ecosystem even harder than it has been before, the company can make more money.

From filmmakers to concerned parents, there’s a rich ecosystem of “appcessories” that use the headphone port for two-way communication.

Removing the headphone jack from a phone is problematic; the most obvious reasons have been discussed to death — most succinctly summarized by Owen Williams over on Medium. The humble headphone jack socket has a tremendous advantage over Micro USB, USB-C, Apple’s 15-pin and Lightning adapter and the host of other connectors that have been used on cell phones over the years.

It might even make the argument that building a higher walled garden equals higher security and reliability for its customers.

In the process, the company has left behind the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels and the troublemakers.

Not a lot, but the microphone that’s embedded into your innocuous-looking earbuds does need a bit of power, which can be harvested (pdf) to power, say, a microprocessor in an accessory. Are you going to apply for an Made For i OS (MFi) license and pay a royalty fee to Apple for every device you sell, and still need to develop a second version of your product for Android users?Apple today announced that the newest generation i Phone will do away with the ubiquitous headphone jack, apparently to make the phone waterproof and to make space for the haptic feedback engine for the home button.Obviously sad news if you just bought an expensive new pair of headphones, but the interface is used for a lot more than just pumping phat beats down your ear tunnels.Products like Mic W’s 0 i Shotgun, RØDE’s Smart Lav and TASCAM’s TM-ST1 all rely on the 3.5mm socket on your device, which means they can be used on all phones and most cameras.Of course, microphone companies have also created Lighting accessories for audio recording, but if a filmmaker is going to splurge 0 on a Sennheiser microphone, they’ll probably want a 3.5mm jack so it can be used with other cameras than just the i Phone.

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