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Describing a recent case, she said authorities had cracked down on a criminal ring of 18 massage parlors, run by Asian women from five families.

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Twenty-one businesses had their licenses revoked in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015—more than five times the previous year’s number.“None of our cases involve human trafficking,” said sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Meanwhile, the critics say that enforcement without services makes sex workers potentially more vulnerable to trafficking—by pushing them out of semi-controlled environments into the streets. Disconnected from her family and in need of money, Di Angelo was first introduced to sex work as a young woman in the late 1970s, when a friend got her a job at a local massage parlor in Del Paso Heights.On a recent trip to deliver food to a homeless encampment that included undocumented sex workers, Di Angelo and Julie Debbs, another former sex worker turned activist, recalled that there were several such businesses operating as fronts for prostitution in Sacramento back then.“All the ones we’ve done, we’ve yet to turn anyone [against their employers] or get them to say they’re doing it against their will,” he said.Instead, the narrative typically goes like this: The women started working at the parlor shortly after arriving in the country.

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