Are andy and erin dating on the office

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Erin: Briefly moved to Florida until Andy came to get her back. Kevin: Successfully—and improbably—kept the secret of Oscar’s affair with Angela’s husband.Meredith: Shaved her head when the whole office got lice from Pam and her kids.

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Read on for the full The Office Season 9 episode guide.Got fired by Robert California and rehired, as regional manager, by David Wallace.Learned that his father had lost all the family money; acting on an impulse, he took a sailing trip (without Erin…see below) before their boat had to be sold.He also announced his love to Angela—after a heart-to-heart with Jim that echoed the Michael-Jim chat in which Michael advised Jim to go out on a limb for love—after which she told him that Philip is, as he suspected, really his son. We discovered that his brother (played by Josh Groban) is the favorite son in his family.He had a new girlfriend after Erin, to whom he almost proposed, but ended up back with Erin.

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