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But he was later dubbed 'Robocop' and sacked for sharing photographs of a murder scene with his girlfriend.

Maxine Snowdon, prosecuting, said in each case 'arrogant' Lobo recorded the women when they were 'right in the throes' of passion and too 'engrossed' to realise.Even Lobo's barrister, Andrew Alty, branded him 'an absolute shyster' who had treated the women 'in a dreadful way'.'If there was an event in the Olympics for the shyster, not only would he qualify as the Olympic champion, I suspect he would hold the world record,' he quipped.The policeman missed out on the 2000 Sydney Olympics only due to injury.Eventually he was docked a week's pay and reinstated, responding with a claim for racial discrimination which was settled for an undisclosed amount in 2007.However he was last year sacked after it emerged he had sent a series of pictures and text messages describing the scene of a frenzied knife attack.

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