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و هو تجمع اغلب اعضاء و اداريين دردشة سوريا لنا الكتابية , سوريا فور أور و خاصة المتميزين منهم بعد اغلاقه .

الدردشة مثالية وسهلة الاستخدام ولن تجد لها مثيل في اي موقع اخر بالاضافة الي انك لن تحتاج الي تحميل اي برامج لدخول الدردشة مثل الفلاش او الجافا.

The Arains flaunt Salim al Raee as their father — the clan being called after his surname.

A great and valiant general in the army of Mb Q, this man was from an agricultural family of Syria, so the tells us.

If not direct Arab descent, then the illustrious ancestor had come from either Iran or Bukhara.

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Most claim their ancestor arrived in Sindh with the army under Mohammad bin Qasim (Mb Q).

There is complete press freedom in Israel, ranked with European and North-American States at the highest places worldwide; has by far the highest rate in the Middle East and occupies the highest rank with Japan in Asia.

There is limited or no press freedom in the Arab countries.

Ar, he said, was the ancestor of the races that spoke the Aryan tongue!

Touted as a local intellectual, this worthy was unmindful of the fact that Aryan was not a tribal name but a linguistic classification.

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