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Most church goers have heard teaching about the Bible, but not about the Bible itself. Hasn't it changed and isn't it full of errors? Bible Introduction can be done in one service or in a 3 hour seminar.

Why do some Bibles contain the Apocrypha and some don't? Find out more on this topic here Understanding Prophecy and End Times: Have you heard someone say, "They have been predicting Jesus' Return for years [or since I was a kid] and it still hasn't come yet! You're talking to someone who has been studying the Bible but never come to the full knowledge of the Truth. Sadly many cults got their start from someone who was interested in prophecy but was never properly educated in it.

Find out more on this topic here Dating, Porn and Sex: I cover various issues related to singles: how to find your life partner, secrets men don't want women to know, porn addiction, sexual identity (homosexuality).

When Christians hear the topic of sexual confusion, many non-homosexuals strongly respond in repentance.

Find out more on this topic here Science and the Bible: Have you ever heard someone say, "I don't believe in God.

I only believe in science" or "Hasn't science disproven the Bible? Their hero is probably Charles Darwin or Richard Dawkins.

I wrote my first book, From Buddha to Jesus, in 2007 and it became the second best-selling Christian book of all time in Thailand.

In the Chinese context I can tailor these messages to explain the Chinese myths and legends of the or dragons.My signature series are from the 12 hour course "4000 Years of History: from Creation to Christ".I've written a new reference book called The Divine Code from 1 to 2020.I equip people to understand: What are the signs of the End Times?What do God's Calendars and the Jewish Feasts tell us about God's timetable for us? What should we say when people call catastrophes "acts of God"? (different from who is the Anti-Christ, you have to decide that for yourself!

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