Anthony kiedis who is he dating now

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The "station to station" part is a reference to a David Bowie album and Nirvana covered one of the songs off of that album. Doesn't anyone else think this song contains multiple references to particular movies?

Dave Grohl was apart of Nirvana (which Kurt was also in) So I believe that if you translated this verse, the real meaning is: "And Cobain can you hear the Foo Fighters singing their new music ." Or its something close to that.; space may be the final frontier - Star Trek; Alderon - Star Wars. (cont.)...mantra that encourages glorification of the matter realm above the spiritual. Awaken The ideas and lyrics put forth by the members of the band appear to me to be products of a carnal mind that has allowed itself to become a tool for discarnate energies.This is to me a negative downward spiral engineeered by a far greater "intelligence" than any one man but a collective ego we all contribute towards unwittingly. It's frightening to imagine that one can be influenced and controlled by such to influence mass consciousness but an unfortunate reality when one dabbles in "blood, sugar and sex magick".The 46-year-old writer had apparently been taking Adderall, Xanax and Fentanyl when she passed, unaware she had a medical condition which caused blockages in her arteries.Patton is father to Alice, eight, with his late wife.

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