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First of its kind, the uncensored Q&A format became the trademark of Ang Dating Daan.

In 1994, the Church introduced what is now the popular Bible Exposition. Daniel Razon proposed and organized a social event where guests could dine together and ask Bro. The event, done off-camera, was a success that it paved the way for Bible Expositions in larger venues.

Through these relay stations, the Ang Dating Daan reached the residents of the Southern Philippines which resulted in the establishment of locales in the area. In 1999, the Church crossed the Philippine boundaries and took advantage of the power of modern technology in mass communication.

With the abounding works of evangelization at hand, the members saw the need of someone who will help Bro. Through Ang Dating, the first webcast and live video streaming of Ang Dating Daan program was seen in the World Wide Web.

On July 13, 2002, a live video-streamed Bible Exposition held in Singapore took its first foreign appearance.

With the help of members living abroad, locales were established in many countries in Asia, Australia, and Europe.

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