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“There is nothing as helpless as the feeling of having a child die in your arms who could have been saved by the most rudimentary of resources.

Oxygen, clean water, saline solution, basic medicine.

Having your hands tied and not having the supplies to save a life is crushing.” In 2010 Andy went on a life defining mission to Kenya with Team Worldvision, an organization that brings basic supplies and clean water to children throughout the world. (Of course.)He immediately sponsored a little boy, Cosmas, orphaned by HIV/AIDS, and for around .00 a month provided basic food and water for Cosmas.

Andy headed out with a team of other marathoning do-gooders to visit Cosmas’ remote village of Bartabwa.

READ MORE Yeah, working out in public outside the Abbey bar in West Hollywood is pretty ridiculous, but damn doesn't former "Bachelor" Lt. READ MORE It was widely reported that former "Bachelor" hunk, Navy Lt.

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As much as it may disappoint you all, this is not a story about a woman who finally wrangled “The Officer and a Gentleman” Andy into settling down into domesticated bliss, ala Ryan and Trista. Seemingly the ONLY Reality TV couple who have lived happily ever after. On a windy tropical spring day in 2007, Naval medical officer Dr.Being able to flip it and use it to help others is where I really realized the point of being on TV.” When Andy was in Laos he treated hundreds of children with gastrointestinal worms which robbed them of the basic nutrition they needed to grow and develop.“It became very clear for the tremendous need for basic medical care.During high school, he played basketball, tennis, football, baseball, and was an All-American swimmer. READ MORE Taking a cue from the Spencer and Heidi school of photo-ops, the "Bachelor" and Marla Maples giggle and point for the cameras.He was named "Bachelor" Andy Baldwin, former meth-addict/"Baywatch" star Jeremy Jackson and "True Blood" hunk Mehcad Brooks all flaunted their glistening chests after completing a triathlon this weekend in… Andy Baldwin --not of the Billy, Alec, Criminal, and Goofy-faced…

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