Americas predating europeans in the americas

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Use of the bow and arrow probably evolved during the middle and late Woodland period; the oldest examples of arrow points in North Carolina have been located near the Yadkin River in the Piedmont.Tobacco pipes of stone and clay, beads, and other ornaments made of shell and clay also came into common use.While Mississippian peoples had many similarities to Woodland peoples, there were also important differences.Mississippian cultures were rooted more deeply in farming than were Woodland cultures, and Mississippians developed large town sites that served as hubs for religious ceremonies and trade.The Woodland Indians of North Carolina, though scattered and in many ways diverse, shared a number of cultural traits.

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Individual houses, often made of wood, surrounded these public grounds, and beyond the homes were often extensive cultivated fields.Some Indians, including the Cherokee, also built earthen winter homes without windows.Homes were furnished with straw or cane mats, pottery, basketry, and wooden utensils.Community rituals for marking the passage of time and seasons and for personal cleanliness and purification developed along with religious beliefs about the ability of individuals to tap into the supernatural world, which was seen as full of spirits.Sometime around the middle of the Woodland period (ca.

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