Am i dating a gold digger

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Now, she may be great at hiding her interest in using you as her sugar daddy, but there are 10 ways that you can figure out if she is digging for your wallet or not.

Keep in mind, ladies who come When she starts asking about how much money you make or when you will move up in a company, the girl is simply too interested in your cash.

The one thing every man wants to stay away from is a woman who is a gold digger.

No man looks forward to giving his heart and soul to a person that is only after one thing – your money.

The idea that you have to pay for everything is simply fading away!

However, you should not be the one always paying the bill if you go out for just a cup of coffee or she wants to stop for a snack when you are not hungry.

Pay attention: Younger girls may have budgeting issues, but older women should not!

If she can’t control her spending habits, she may just be using you for your money.

In this case, she needs a slap of reality or she will be expecting you to pay for her way to a new social level.

Keep in mind: Some women are willing to take advantage of others to achieve their dreams and wishes!

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