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An acoustic version was sung by Lauper with Sarah Mc Lachlan on her 2005 album The Body Acoustic.

While writing for her debut studio album, in the spring of 1983, Cyndi Lauper was introduced to American musician Rob Hyman, who was recommended by Rick Chertoff, the album's producer.

Portions of the video were filmed at the now-closed Tom's Diner in Roxbury Township, New Jersey, the intersection of Route 46 and Route 10 and at the Morristown train station.

Portions of the video were also shot in front of Betty's Department Store in Wharton, NJ, which was a staple of the community in the 1970s.

The inspiration for the song came after both songwriters were going through similar things with their relationships; he was coming out of a long and hard relationship, while she was having difficulties with her boyfriend, David Wolff.

The song reached number three on the UK Singles Chart and number six on the ARIA Singles Chart.

The song's title was inspired after Lauper started writing for the song and needed a fake title as a placeholder for the time being.

Thus, Lauper was looking in the TV Guide and saw a lot of movie titles, with the 1979 science fiction movie Time After Time being chosen.

A loop colostomy is defined as a stoma in which the entire loop of colon is exteriorized and both the proximal limb and the distal limb open into the common stoma opening and are not transected.

An end colostomy is created from the proximal end of the colon; the distal end can be stapled or sewn shut and remains as a blind pouch, or it can be exteriorized separately.

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