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For the past few months, rumors were flying that Word Press was going to remove the Links/Blogroll feature of Word Press. Mac Manx, Happiness Engineer at Word, recently stated: The Links section was removed from the core Word software, which means that it will probably be removed from Word soon.They offered a comparison between using the Blogroll/Links feature and custom menus and found that among the powerful features available in the Blogroll/Links Manager, link images were the only thing they would miss, but a little CSS and creative design could easily add icons to links in the custom menus. Many agreed, stating they hadn’t used it ever or rarely.The Links, Links Manager, Links Menu, aka Blogroll, has had many names over the years of Word Press.,” a blogroll is typically a list to sites you recommend and are related to your own site’s content.By default, Word Press Themes came with blogroll links to some key Word Press sites including the official Word Press site.

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