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When the Elementals wreak havoc on the Earth in Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, Coco activates a new Portal Chamber for Crash to use.

She helps Crash gather the Power Crystals needed to stop the Elementals by collecting them in a tsunami-ravaged China and an avalanche zone.

Throughout the game, Aku Aku gives the player basic instructions, shields Crash from enemy attacks, and transforms into a skateboard to help Crash traverse slippery terrain. Aku Aku is one of the only two characters in the game unable to be controlled by Cortex's NV device, as the device is too small to fit on his head.Aku Aku is the spirit of an ancient witch doctor encased in a floating, wooden mask.During Crash's missions to stop Doctor Cortex, he scattered copies of himself throughout the travels in an effort to aid him in his mission.He discovers this plot to steal Crystals just in time for his team to win.Aku Aku locks the Crystals up into a secret cabinet for safekeeping, and banishes Uka Uka into the vacuum of space as punishment for trying to abuse the power of the Crystals.

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