A css only validating flyout menu

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This is because relative links will be followed as if they are local files on your computer.

So if you don't have the file the link will appear broken.

This option allows you to validate the contents of will raise a warning, but will still be validated against the chosen CSS level.

But some vendor extensions do not conform to the latest specifications and may also report an error.

All of the options that appear on the Main tab are described below.

The value that you enter here must be an integer (whole number) greater than zero, or leave the value blank to validate all the pages linked from your starting page.Note that selecting AA will also perform all the A tests, and selecting AAA will perform all of the AA and A tests as well.There are also three levels to choose from for WCAG 1.0 covering the Priority 1, 2 and 3 guidelines: A, AA, and AAA.You often don't need to check your entire website, especially if most of the website uses templates and is essentially the same on every page.So just checking a portion of it should give you everything you need to correct your site, or give you confidence that it is still okay after deploying any changes.

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