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To top it all off, Karen seems to be a frankly awful writer.

The first piece that Ellison encourages her to write has in it whatsoever.

These are the vigilant men and women responsible for reporting on the world’s new status quo now that folks with powers, enhancements, and ridiculous amounts of money are taking to the streets to uphold justice and… But some of these tireless reporters come off more authentically than others.

counter the ever-growing threats coming from outer space. Some of them can clearly write, or are being mentored to that end.

you’re saying that no one expected to move into that office once Urich died?

Most of the staff are confined to cubicles, but this new bright-eyed cutie swoops in and essentially takes over Ben Urich’s entire corner of the paper? There is absolutely no way that several less-senior reporters aren’t spending their coffee breaks sobbing in an office supply closet over this move, or threatening to pack up and move to another paper.

In several episodes, characters drink "Safeway Select" colas.

On the other hand, the idea that Ben Urich dies and Karen—who has no formal training and no actual journalism experience whatsoever—gets his job and his cushy AF office all because his editor seems to think that ‘the kid’s got the stuff’ (that’s how they say it, right? Not only is hiring Karen to a senior reporter’s position a huge and pointless risk, but…Certain she can’t die yet, she throws herself into a situation involving arms dealers—a desperate ploy for a journalistic legacy.Iris wanting her life to mean something more than her relationship with men is a motive for a perpetually underused character.When we meet Christine, she’s giving Tony Stark a hard time for war profiteering, and he counters by offering her a chance to jump into bed.She goes for it, for some reason, and is then customarily shown the door by Pepper Potts the next morning.

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